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June 2, 2010 / laffra

Bill Buxton on “Less is More”

I happen to have had the pleasure to meet Bill Buxton a couple of times while I was working on my PhD in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and he was teaching at the local Art School across the street. The view from my office was kinda like this:

Mind you, “across the street” in an old European city like Utrecht means quite a few bars and coffee shops one has to ignore to get to one’s destination  🙂

Anyway, 2 decades ago, Bill wrote a really nice article where he suggested simpler computer interfaces, arguing “access to the functionality today is already at the threshold of human capability.” Rather than adding more and more functionality we have to acknowledge “God’s Law”, which dictates that we can keep adding functionality as we like, but that human brains can’t grow capacity accordingly:

He coined his article “Less is More”, and I found it to be quite insightful and will use that title as the main theme for this blog. Stick around for future installments…


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